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Looking for the right healthcare provider for your loved ones is no easy task. It can even take you a lot of time to find one. But we’re happy to tell you that you have come to the right place. ABUZZ HEALTHCARE SERVICES, LLC is a dedicated home health care provider in Frederick, Maryland. We have a team of compassionate and highly-skilled healthcare professionals ready to address your loved one’s unique care needs.

With us, you can rest easy knowing that you have entrusted your loved ones to the right team. Partner with us today!

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

We are committed to serving our clients with honor, excellence, and dignity. As an agency, our values are simple: we want to offer exceptional and affordable home care in the state of Maryland. We want to provide care that is responsive to the needs of our clients, their families, and the communities we serve.

About Us
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Comprehensive Home Health Care Services to Nurture Your Loved Ones

Long-term medical and personal care for seniors requires both expertise and experience. You may become a caregiver for your loved ones but the caretaking responsibilities bring lots of challenges you might be unable to handle. We ain’t doubting your abilities, in fact, we believe you can take care of your elderly loved ones the best way. The only thing is you are lacking expertise in professional home health care skills which is much more important to provide the best care to your elderly loved ones. But you need not worry because where your struggle starts, many specialized health care agencies like us step up to give you a helping hand and nurture your loved ones the best way. We promote good health and a good life for elderly and disabled people because they deserve it.

Abuzz Specialized Home Health Care Services

Eyeing at the current situation of elderly and disabled people worldwide, we would say that specialized home health care is the need of the hour. We, at Abuzz Healthcare Services, give your elderly loved ones a comprehensive home health care service, including medical care, disease-specific care, companionship, personal care, and skilled assistance for homemaking tasks. Furthermore, we provide additional support services upon your request.

We have a large team of specialized nurses and caregivers who have extensive knowledge and experience in home health care. They do have valid licenses and all the required certificates making our services impeccable. Our services are readily accessible with a web search for “in-home care near me.”

Skilled Nursing Home Health Care

At Abuzz, we put in our best possible effort to provide the best skilled nursing home health care to your loved ones. With our affordable home care services LLC, we aim at quicker healing and recovery, providing the healthiest environment, and helping your loved ones live out their lives happily and freely.

Our comprehensive skilled nursing home health care package primary includes:

Physical Therapy- After undergoing surgery or treatment, a patient needs rehab care for recovering physical, mental, or/and cognitive abilities that he/she may have lost during surgery or treatment. It is also important for surviving the painful period of post-surgery or treatment. With our skilled nursing home health care solutions in Bethesda, Maryland, we provide highly effective rehab care that is aimed at the patient’s medication administration, faster healing & recovery, and comfort. Our rehab care services are usually provided by highly skilled and licensed nurses or specialized physical therapists.

Occupational Therapy- Our nurses and caregivers have a specialization in occupational therapy. This therapy focuses on developing, recovering, or maintaining meaningful activities of an individual by the use of assessment and intervention. We help our patients adapt to the social environment through coordination exercises, memory training, and some other specialized therapies.

Speech Therapy- Our speech therapy addresses an individual’s communication issue and makes an effective treatment plan to treat it.

Our skilled nursing home health care solutions in Bethesda Maryland also include:

  • Enteral Nutrition and Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
  • Colostomy Care
  • Wound Care
  • Scheduling and Administering Medication
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Dehydration Prevention
  • Ambulatory Care
  • Disease-Specific Care

Unskilled Nursing Home Health Care

With lots of diseases and physical disabilities, most elderly people face difficulties in doing their essential affairs, like showering, dressing, toileting, and even transferring. We are well-versed with this fact and the care they need. This is why we render our seamless unskilled nursing home care solutions in Germantown, Maryland that particularly focus on personal care and companionship. Our unskilled nursing services include:

  • Assistance With Daily Activities (like bathing, toileting, dressing, positioning, transferring, and more)
  • Personal Hygiene Maintenance
  • Planned and Unplanned Interaction
  • Partnering With Certain Recreational Activities (like shopping, touring, watching movies, playing an indoor game, and more)
  • Specialized Care for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients
  • Medication Management, Reminders, and Administration
  • Travel Companionship
  • Errands
  • Laundry
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Assistance With Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Home Organization
  • Bed Making

Why Should You Choose Abuzz Healthcare Services?

With hundreds of home health care agencies out there, you must be wondering why you should choose Abuzz Healthcare? Our principles, quality of the services, assurance of quick recovery, and some other significant reasons make us stand taller than other home health care services. We never compromise our service standards because we wholeheartedly wish good health and a better life for your elderly loved ones who may need our services desperately. At Abuzz Healthcare Services, taking care of seniors isn’t just a profession for our team, it is our responsibility and we all are committed to that. Our entire team ensures you get the best health care services at your own home comfort whenever you start your search for in-home care near me on the web.

Here are some convincing reasons why one should choose Abuzz Healthcare Services:

Affordable Services- When you are unsure about your loved ones’ health condition or it seems they are in a need of long-term medical and personal care, it becomes important to consider your budget before taking any further decision. As one of the leading health care solutions in Frederick Maryland, we understand and acknowledge this fact so we provide affordable services without compromising with the quality.

Assurance of The Quality- By providing the best quality MD healthcare services for many years we have got a special place in people’s hearts. We never compromise with our quality standards so you should be assured of our services.

Multiple Benefits- Our comprehensive skilled and unskilled home health care packages give multiple benefits. From medication administration, assistance with personal care, and companionship to additional support services, we render a wide range of home care MD services to promote the good health and wellbeing of your elderly loved ones.

Trustworthy Services- You can rely on our healthcare services LLC as we have highly qualified nurses and caregivers who play their parts within the professional boundaries. Moreover, they all have valid licenses and certificates.

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