Additional Services

In-Home Dementia Care for Your Loved One

Many types of medical and personal care services may be offered in-home, by Abuzz Healthcare Services. We train our staff members to be professional, personable, and patient, as well as kind and caring. At Abuzz Healthcare Services we want to set a new standard for paraprofessionals to conduct their work with pride and self-respect.

Other skilled nursing care services we offer are:
• Wound Care
• IV Therapy
• G-Tube
• Tracheostomy Care

Nurse Assisting with Exercise

Alzheimer's / Dementia Care

Abuzz Healthcare Services provides Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia in-home care to clients within the state of Maryland. Our compassionate and highly experienced certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and geriatric nursing assistants (GNAs) provide comprehensive support within the full spectrum of Activities of Daily Living (ADL). This enables individuals who have Alzheimer's disease and dementia to continue living both safely and comfortably.

Parkinson's Disease Care

Let us provide some essential in-home care services to individuals who are struggling with Parkinson's disease. Our in-home care services for Parkinson's disease provides comprehensive support focusing on the vital Activities of Daily Living (ADL) that is a requirement to continue living a more full and happy life, despite the limitations and difficulties of this serious disease.

Respite Care

Although caregivers are superheroes, it is important to remember that they have needs and limitations. It is essential for caregivers to rest and attend to their own needs and respite care can provide this opportunity. The meaning of "respite" is to take a break from the daily challenges of caregiving. Let Abuzz Healthcare Services assist you with respite care.

Sick/Injured Recovery Care

Our services for the sick and those recovering from injuries or surgery, enable people to receive the in-home care they require. The recovery process can be short, or it can endure for months while the body is healing and getting back to normal. Unfortunately, one of the more traumatic events associated with recovering from sickness or injury is the discomfort of being away from the home environment. In-home recovery may speed the process.

Nurse Helping with Physical Therapy
In-Home Consultation

In-Home Needs Assessment

When it comes time to find a home care provider for your family member, chances are you have a lot of questions and concerns. How does home care work? What kind of companion or caregiver can you expect? Abuzz Healthcare Services offers prospective clients and their families a free in-home care needs assessment.